Saturday 22 October 2016

5 Tips On Huntington Beach Dry Cleaning Services You Need To Learn Now

There could be any instance where your dry cleaner doesn’t give you the right account of how it’s done – the dry cleaning. As a result, there may be some consequences that will not please you. While you’re a customer, you should exercise your right to know about the things that matter with your clothes to be dry cleaned or laundered.

You can question and inquire about the Huntington Beach Dry Cleaning services in the area, which will answer most of your doubts and concerns before you submit your clothes to them.

  1. Do they have any replacement policy?

You’ll be totally angered when you notice that the clothes you gave for getting dry cleaned aren’t the same. Thus, you should ask about the replacement policy that takes care of issues like lost or damaged garment.

  1. What is their pricing structure?

There’s a difference between quoted prices and actual prices (added with hidden extras). Before you order them to Wash Dry Fold your clothes, make sure you know the final price you have to pay when you’re going to collect them.

  1. How many years of experience they have in this area?

That resolves many queries actually. They must have become a trusted brand if they are in this business for some long years. However, you can check the veracity of their claims by some digging for information.

  1. What is the level of training?

Laundromats should have technical expertise in dry cleaning services because a miss-step can damage a cloth. You can pose questions regarding that to the dry cleaners.

  1. Do they charge for pickup and delivery?

Though it may not be of much importance, but you can definitely ask about it. May be if they’re offering free pickup and delivery services, it would have more benefits for you. Lucy’s Fluff And Fold services is known for free pickup and delivery services. Visit for more information.

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