Tuesday 20 August 2019

The advantages of natural dry cleaning method

Here we will discuss the eco-friendly benefits of the latest home dry cleaning method against the general Orange County dry cleaning service with unsafe chemicals.

Perc, a chemical ingredient has been utilized by most of the dry cleaners as a solvent to wash clothes in Los Angeles fluff n fold method all across the USA. Apart from being effective, utilizing these chemicals has been associated with various side effects that recently has become a subject of serious discussion among public.

The basic step to practice eco-friendly Orange County dry cleaning service is to change hazardous chemicals with those natural cleaning products. Just keep in mind that perc is a man-made and synthetic chemical, created due to the reaction between two chemicals, the chlorine and ethylene which is harmful for health,

The most regular healthy and eco-friendly solution to replace perc is Liquid Carbon Dioxide. Apart from being safe, O2 is very reasonable yet abundant. It is created naturally from the industrial wastes of the chemical such as ammonia. The best aspect of CO2 is that it is harmless to those who get exposed to chemicals. The only drawback in utilizing CO2 is that it is very expensive; hence customers are made to pay higher than the linen service utilizing perc.

Moderation is a good practice for maintaining a green environment. To accomplish eco-friendly dry cleaning, is prudent to avoid dry cleaning procedure to lessen the utilization of professional dry cleaning. At home, dry cleaning kits are best for use on clothes with minimal stains and spots on it. Professional dry cleaning is a vast concept that drains much energy and creates much waste which includes useless water, sludge and power residue. Always keep in mind that the utilization of natural solvents are good for our environment and health.

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