Friday 15 November 2019

Getting Linen service for Laundromats

If you have a laundromat business that utilizes much hot water regularly to wash uniforms, clothes, and hotel linens, then it might be time to consider a linen service. Linen services have gained immense popularity mainly due to a growing number of medical clinics and amenities.

The reality is that the linen utilized in clinics and hospitals faces different kinds of bacteria and harmful fluids; hence they should be punctiliously cleaned on a daily basis. Most of the hospitals lack equipment and staff to wash their own items, so they generally outsource their linen services to Corona laundry service that can meet their requirements. By doing that, hospitals can stay assured that their patients have sufficient towels, while the medical staff has neat gowns and apron, all perfectly cleaned and hygienic.
Wash dry fold
What does a linen service offer?

A reputed wash dry fold service will provide a wide range of services, but the most commonly utilized services are washing, drying and folding. Working with a dependable company can tremendously enhance the experience of your patients, while making the staff feel safe by staying assured that their gowns are washed in a hygienic way. However, while choosing one such service, keep the following pointers in mind:


Utilize reviews and recommendations to estimate whether or not the organization is professional, reliable, and a leader in the industry. Check online and study the local health magazines to explore which organization has the best reputation for quality laundering and professional customer service. While getting a recommendation, keep in mind to ask if the company can meet the pickup and delivery times and whether every item was cleaned perfectly.

Management of Inventory

First of all, you have to ensure that a linen service has proper inventory management. Even if a specific laundry company is inexpensive than other similar service providers, all those savings will be lost if the inventory isn’t handled properly. Before selecting a linen service, ask the service provider if they can assist you to track the inventory and thereby prevent textile loss or abuse. Furthermore, ask if they render any kind of dedicated customer service that is available round the clock and can conveniently track where the linens are utilized in the laundry procedure.


Finally, to select the best Corona laundry service, you have to make sure that the business is recognized. The Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) is a NGO that recognizes all kinds of linen services along with textile processing. A company that is recognized by HLAC fulfills the best standards in the industry.

Before selecting a company for wash dry fold, you have to study the recommendations, check for recognition and ask about the inventory management system of the service provider. Comprehensive researching on your prospective laundry company will make sure that you are dealing with the best and the safest laundry service available to you.

We have over 100 Customer Service Representatives who are committed to taking care of your every need at any hour of the day. Controlling your linen usage is our job.  We make sure you always have the right amount on hand. We have flexible delivery schedules to meet your needs whether every day, every week, or just once a month.

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