Monday 19 April 2021

Is linen service ideal for your business? The benefits and drawbacks of linen hire

 Most hospitality and hotel businesses don’t have their own towels and bed linen. They hire it from specialized linen service that also offers laundry service. Not only is linen hire utilized for bedroom linen, table linen can also be hired for the restaurants. 

Companies offering linen service should be able to provide commercial quality linen products across a wide range of linen items.  Any good quality linen hire will provide a wide range of linen goods like a plain white duvet covers or satin stripe, regular cotton bed linen. The main items available from a laundry hire company are napkins, tablecloths, bath mats, towels, pillowcases, duvet covers and bed sheets.


The way Orange County dry cleaning generally works is that various sets of linen per bed are agreed and delivered to the hotel. The number of sets is frequently known as “par”. The par may vary depending on the number of times a bed is likely to be changed in a week, but generally is set between 3 and 5. After the beds are changed, the dirty linen is packed ready for the laundry company to pick it up. 

Frequently, you will get small independent fluff & fold business entities provide a more flexible and deliver quality service as their procedures are less automated. Read the terms and conditions for the service mindfully to ensure there are no hidden charges.  Discuss with the company how they work and realize what level of linen and delivery frequency you can expect. Keep in mind the more linen you take on the higher the minimum usage level will be. 

In a nutshell, suppose you are a busy hotel and follow the above mentioned steps while setting up the service, fluff & fold may take away much trouble out of the daily operations of the hotel.

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